ML-R system upgrade


ML-R system consists of 2 software components:

  • Arduino libraries,
  • ARM firmware.
The 2 components are mutually dependent. While it might be possible, depending on versions, to change only one of them, it is much better to change them both.

1. Arduino biblioteke


This procedure is based on MS Windows 10 and Google Chrome browser.

Open "C:\Users\<Your login name>\Documents\Arduino\libraries\mrm-robot\src" directory. Very important: backup all Your files located here. If You do not copy the files, You will loose Your program! Typically, the files are named "mrm-robot-*.*", but You may have added some more. Do not backup "mrm-robot.*"! These 2 files must be updated. They contain base class "Robot", which You mustn't change. You change only derived classes, located in "mrm-robot-line.cpp", "mrm-robot-maze.cpp", etc.

Delete all directories that start with "mrm-" from Your Arduino libraries' directory: "C:\Users\<Your login name>\Documents\Arduino\libraries".

Go to MRMS Github page and press "Code".

Choose "Download ZIP".
Locate the downloaded file in the bottom left corner of Your browser. Double-click on the file to open the zipped directory.

After You open the directory select all mrm-* directories. The selected directories should appear like in the picture. Press Ctrl-C to copy them. In Windows Explorer open again Your Arduino library directory (path above or QuickAccess > Documents > Arduino > libraries). Press Ctrl-V to paste the directories.

Restore the files You backed up from "C:\Users\<Your login name>\Documents\Arduino\libraries\mrm-robot\src" directory (copy the save copies back here).

This completes libraries' upgrade. Restart Arduino IDE.

2. Firmware

Open this page to see how to upgrade firmware.