Brick-A Line Robot

Parts' list and basic information. A short demo video.
3D printing and assembly instructions - use Your 3D printer to print reusable bricks the robot is made of.
Upute za instalaciju Arduino biblioteka i MRMS_ESP32.ino programa.
MRMS_ESP32.ino je Arduino program koji koristi objektno orijentirene C++ biblioteke i pokreće sve ML-R CAN Bus robote. Upotrijebite ga za provjeru svih spojenih CAN Bus uređaja.
Software setup for lidars and motors.
Design decisions and general information about the program.
Way to implement different robot's actions.
Various ways to start and end actions.
First steps with MRMS_ESP32.ino - how to run Your code, use motors and lidars.
You should never use this program when participating in a competition. Nevertheless, You can learn the concepts here.
A better way to follow a line or a wall.
Using color sensors to detects green RCJ markers.
Strategy in the evacuation area: finding balls, etc.
A simple program that gives You a basis for for Robocup Rescue Line program.
Description of program's flow in an object-oriented manner.
Future of this model and maybe another one for RCJ Rescue Line.